Amalurra Queens


GC Sun Way Evianna of Amalurra

2018-19 CFA 9th Best Burmese


Cuddly Evianna is our Platinum Burmese queen. We are so fortunate to have partnered with two catteries in Russia to bring Evie here. Lyuboburm's Luciano of Rangpurcat and Beautyburm's Chateau Lafite are her parents. Special thanks to Rangpurcat and Sun Way catteries for working with us so closely.


Evie is glued to our side much of the time. She sleeps at (or on) our heads at night. Her wide eyes and amazing face are a joy to wake up to. She has a loving and joyful temperament and always knows how to have a good time. She is a CFA Grand Champion and just loves attending cat shows.






Amalurra Sonequa Cruz


Sonequa is our own breeding from our king Cruz and Zara who we owned with Brian Tripp and Troy Weier. Zara is now retired and Sonequa will be taking over her queen duties. Sonequa just loves to steal your food if you have your back turned. She is silly and fun and always makes us laugh.






Hullabaloo Esmae Raine of Amalurra


Esmae is our gorgeous blue queen. We have formed a partnership with Hullabaloo cattery in Ontario, Canada to bring her into our program. Esmae is loving and sweet with the slightest bit of shyness. Esmae is silly and playful with quite the personality. She prefers her alone time with you where she can soak up all the attention.






CH Amalurra Mayvar Amara


Esmae's beautiful daughter is Mayvar and she is our first home bred blue queen. Mayvar is so loving and cuddly. She is just starting in cat shows and enjoys spending her days on laps, cuddled in our arms, or in her heated pet bed. She is a CFA Champion cat.






QGC Carney Cats Lededje of Amalurra

2019-20 ACFA 7th Best Cat

2019-20 ACFA Best Bombay


Meet our striking Bombay queen Lededje (pronounced "Leh-DEE-gee"). She has immense, expressive eyes and is a very clever girl. She has large strong litters and is a fantastic cat mama. Whenever she can, she will curl up tightly to Marsha for a nap. Lededje is an ACFA Quadruple Grand Champion and a CFA Champion cat. She may again tour cat shows when she needs a break from raising kittens.

(Photos of Lededje courtesy of David Perez Photography)









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