Amalurra Kings


CH Evita's Rohann of Amalurra

2017-18 CFA 10th Best Burmese Kitten


Rohann is a striking Champagne Burmese. Rohann has the most relaxed personality of all our cats and is perfectly happy being cradled in your arms on his back. His coat is amazing and soft and Rohann just loves being around kittens. He just loves meeting people and can just from the floor into your arms for a sweet cuddle.





GC, RW Hullabaloo Taio Cruz of Rokstarr

2018-19 CFA 4th Best Burmese


Cruz is our Grand Champion, Regional Winner Sable Burmese. He is is co-owned with Brian Tripp and Troy Weier of Rokstarr Cattery. Cruz has a solid body, deep rich coat, and warm facial expressions. He loves the queens and produces muscular, powerful kittens with deep gold eyes.







GC Amalurra Varen Augustus

2019-20 CFA 6th Best Burmese Kitten


Varen is our first home bred King. Son of Rohann and Evianna, he is a Platinum beauty. Varen loves his time in the office and is a big help with clicking on the mouse and pushing random buttons on the keyboard. He just loves cat shows and insists on having morning cuddles while he smells the coffee and samples our breakfast. He is an ACFA Grand Champion and will be touring cat shows in 2021.






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