Bombay Cats

At first glance, you may mistake a Bombay cat for a miniature panther. In fact, that is why the breed was created by Louisville, KY breeder Nikki Horner, who set her sights on producing a copper-eyed, black shorthaired cat with the exotic appearance of a mini or "parlor" panther. The black leopard of India inspired her choice of the breed's name.


The Bombay is an example of a hybrid breed, combining characteristics of established domestic breeds to create and maintain a specific, third look. Although the goal is to produce cats who look like wild panthers, there is absolutely no wild blood in the breed. Ms. Horner began her effort in 1953 with the selective breeding of a black American Shorthair with rich eye color bred to a Grand Champion sable Burmese female. Through a long, selective process of line breeding and outcross breeding, she was able to consistently produce a black cat unlike any other.


It has been said that if you want a dog, a cat or a monkey all rolled into one mischievous package, then the Bombay is the breed for you. They can be leash trained, and most enjoy playing "fetch" and are fond of inventing new ways to entertain themselves and the humans with whom they live. Bombays are congenial, outgoing and make intelligent, affectionate companions. They adapt well to busy life styles and usually get along with children, elders and other pets. The Bombay generally combines the easy going temperament and robust nature of the American Shorthair and the social, inquisitive, lap-loving character of the Burmese.





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