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Cats are the Alpha and Omega of my life!


One of my first memories is sitting in an empty corn crib in my rocking chair and cuddling our farm cat. I grew up in central Illinois with farm life and a hard working loving family. We had registered Hereford cattle, dogs, cats, and chickens. The fields were large and we grew corn, soybeans, and hay. We named one pasture with rolling hills and a creek "Tattle Town". Out there we had a few domestic cats, but my main colony of cats resided around our 100 year old Victorian farmhouse and our many barns. The cats were my responsibility to feed and take care of since I was about 5 years old. The spiritual nature of cats moved me at that very young age. The cats were my souls and generations to love and care for nearly up to my college years. I named and tamed every one and one summer had 31 cats of all colors. Some of my dearest Kings and Queens were: Curtis, Jack, Muffin, Jeremy, Sweetheart, Star, Lady, and Sady.




Then came college and marrying the love of my life Andy. I worked as a Registered Dietitian for many years. With our first home we acquired three adorable domestic kittens: Tippin, his brother Sheak, and my cross-eyed farm kitten Sage. Tippin was a brilliant red tabby cat and was the smarted cat I ever had. We always felt our limit was going to be 3 cats. Our pet cats have lived long lives. And we acquired our next set of cats once our first ones had passed on. We had Thomas - a solid blue rescue cat who was the general of our house for 15 years. His beauty, devotion, and intelligent personality left a heavy imprint on what I thought the best cats should be. He shared many traits with blue Burmese! We have also had three loving and high spirital Bengals: Zena, Megellen, and Fassin. Each had very distinct and adorable personalities. We acquired them from Rising Sun Farms and the owner Becky Beckman. That was the first time I had been to an actual cattery. It impressed me and started the far off wish to have breeding cats of my own.


I continued working as a dietitian and then as an artist for many years. Later some health problems arose that were a hard and slow period of my life. One day Andy and I spent a wonderful day shopping and walking on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. We talked about what we would do in the future if anything were possible. He would travel the world, retire, and do charity work. I would design and build houses and with our dream house I would have a cattery. We spoke of my love of cats. My beloved husband Andy turned toward me and said "If we can, we should look into it and start that now." He has seen how happy cats have always made me, and my need to return to a happy life. So together we have started Amalurra Cattery. It is my dream come true. Happy wife, happy life!


The next part of the journey to find Burmese cats has been just magical. I am indebted to the love and support I have received from Andy; our beloved children Alisha, Jeremiah, and Jay; and our incredible set of Burmese and Bombay breeders we are working with. I am surrounded by felines of the most wonderful breeds. My zest for life has come back.





Now the story continues with our start and growth as cattery owners. For a little while I researched different cat breeds The images and information on the Burmese breed kept my interest even after considering others. The roundness and beauty of all the features plus the personality they are known for triggered a deep need to meet them. And the colors: Sable, Champagne, Blue, and Platinum are wonderful to work with. And with Bombay cats there is a bonus color: Black. The blues reminded me so much of my beloved cat Thomas and I yearned to have cats like him. Our goal became to meet the Burmese breed, see a cattery, and talk to an actual breeder.


We have had incredible luck getting started. Becky Drew welcomed us into her home to meet her cat family at Traditional Burmese Cattery. After talking and enjoying the cats and kittens, I brought up my dream of having my own breeding cats. Becky and I clicked as though we were long lost family. She was so sweet and took me very seriously. Soon she said she would get in touch with her mentor Brian Tripp of Evita Cattery. We immediately felt a good connection. With more incredible luck he offered to become my coach as a new breeder. We acquired my first stunning Burmese queen Sephra from Brian and Becky when she was 14 weeks old. To me, my Sephra will always be the quintessential Burmese female.





As our knowledge and breeding program grew, we added a few more cats. Evita's Rohann of Amalurra became our primary King. He was bred by both Brian Tripp and Suzanne Kuttnauer Berrin of Bon Marche Burmese Cattery. I have learned so much from these wonderful breeders and they continue to help me with daily challenges and questions. Figuring out how to have the best breed qualities for our lines is a wonderful vocation, full of challenges and special moments at every turn. Andy was able to correspond with breeders our team had worked with in Russia to bring our beloved Sun Way Evianna of Amalurra home to us. Our Bombay stud Ptolemy came in partnership with our friend Theo Mitchell in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And we now have our own home bred male with Varen. Our working team of breeders and friends keeps growing with partners in Europe, Canada, and across the United States.





This home has become Amalurra Cattery. Full of delightful, loving Burmese cats and plenty of cozy lounging spaces for people and felines. They have the run of the house and even an outdoor catio. I decorate in warm wood tones with some reds and blues. The atmosphere here is loving and many-colored. It's a challenge to maintain such a well-kept home. I rise to the occasion every day knowing I have followed and made real this dream. It warms our hearts to have litters of fresh and beautiful kittens growing up here. Then they carry that happiness to their new owners. Burmese are such a special breed and it is so rewarding to place them with our friendly clients. It is fantastic to get notes and pictures back as kittens grow in their new homes. Each kitten and cat are so individually special. It is such an honor to serve and make strong the Burmese breed. This passionate work will go on and on: the alpha and omega of my life.


Marsha C. Panthera







Special Thanks

We have a special place in our hearts for the breeders that have helped establish our program and become our good friends.


Brian Tripp - Evita Burmese Cattery
We are incredibly fortunate to have Brian Tripp of Evita Burmese as our primary mentor.


Becky Drew - Traditional Burmese Cattery


Suzanne Kuttnauer Berrin - Bon Marche Burmese Cattery


Cynthia Bailey - Pandora Burmese & Bombay Cattery


Svetlana Revizorova & Andrei Fytsychsvu - Rangpurcat Cattery of the American Burmese


Bob & Elaine Gleason - Hullabaloo Cattery


Mette Lambert - Templebar Burmese Cattery


Theo Mitchell - Seasedge Burmese and Bombays




Burmese being petted






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